Debbie Thomas


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Owner, Debbie Thomas came to the Central Coast midway through a fast-paced career with companies like Adidas and Foot Locker to pursue a slower way of life...or so she thought. “I really thought I was moving here to retire," says Thomas. One ten-acre organic farm and two restaurants later, its a bit hard to say that she's slowed down one iota.


Libry Darusman


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Executive Chef Libry Darusman spent his younger years in Bogor, Indonesia and was exposed to the exotic taste of the orient at a very young age.  Growing up throughout Europe, with a strong emphasis on French and German cultures and exposures to many Michelin Star restaurants and chefs - Chef Darusman has acquired an extraordinary flair for food and flavor combinations while developing his own creativeness.


Upon completing training with the California Art Institute in Orange County, California; Chef Darusman continued his experience with celebrated Chef Theo Schoenegger of the Sinatra’s Restaurant inside the Encore, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The sole licensed restaurant of the Frank Sinatra family.  Catering to many of Las Vegas’s distinguished guest and most critical food critics.


It was with Chef Mark Gold of Eva Restaurant, Los Angeles, California were Chef Darusman continued to develop his individual creativity with an added American flair.


As the Executive Chef for Roomforty, which holds event venues both in Los Angeles and Orange County Chef Darusman has broadened his worldly experience and conducted many celebrated events like the Emmys, Golden Globes and Private Tasting Dinners for numerous dignitaries including President Clinton.



Featured Farmers & Purveyors


Loo Loo Farms

Loo Loo Farms is a 2.5 acre, family-run microfarm in Paso Robles. We have a flock of ducks and chickens for egg production. We grow unique, hard-to-find heirloom produce. In addition to our orchard and farm production we have a small apiary on site. Because we keep our own bees we do not use any chemicals on the farm. We are firm believers in biodiversity and farming with nature. 

Olea Farms

Local owner, farmer and olive oil maker, Clotilde, has been providing Thomas Hill Organics with only the very best olive oil in the region. 


Gracious Greens

Gracious Greens is a family run urban organic farm providing fresh produce to the Central Coast.


Back Porch Bakery

The Back Porch Bakery currently provides breads and pastries to over 70 local restaurants, cafes, hotels, and markets on the California Central Coast. The bakery team has grown to around 20 members including bakers, drivers, baristas, and office administrators. The bakery has grown up but the spirit of community building and of feeding our neighbors has remained the same.

In 2016, the Back Porch Bakery moved a part of its wholesale operation into the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero. The Carlton asked if we might be interested in running the hotel cafe and without hesitation we said we'd love to give it a shot. The cafe has given us the chance we were looking for to get back in direct contact with all those local friends and neighbors who helped build the bakery back when it was still run off of Dan and Caroline's back porch years before. Not to mention the ton of guests who have come from all over the country and all over the world to have a bite at our place while taking in the magic of the California Central Coast.


Leo Leo Gelato

Leo Leo Gelato’s artisan offerings honor the northern Italian traditions, and are handcrafted in small batches using only premium natural ingredients and flavors. Owner and master gelatier, Niccoló Lekai, employs local farmer’s best produce, gorgeous nut purées, and mascarpone from Italy, and California caramel and honey that boost the gelato’s uniquely velvety texture and intense flavor. No artificial stabilizers, preservatives, flavors, or colors are added. Pure cane sugars and naturally processed vanilla purée, seasonally fresh fruit, and hormone free milk premium ingredients continue the artistry of the 500 year old Italian tradition for you to savor.


Etto Pasta

Pasta is simple and unpretentious. Yet it is also complex, nutritious, and distinct. It is amazing how something so simple can be incredibly diverse, endlessly creative, and good for you.

Pasta is a daily food of Italy. However, its appearance across the country is far from monotonous. The great variety of pasta shapes accentuate Italy’s regional differences and draw attention to the distinctions that define local identities. Each dish can tell a story of a place, its history, its people, and a way of life. (Not to mention that Italy ranks as the healthiest nation in the world*.) Italians eat pasta by the etto (100 grams or about ¼ pound). An etto represents a sensible portion of pasta for one person, as either a primi or as part of a balanced meal.

Etto is family-owned, sources quality local ingredients, and values our customers and community.


Magnolia Farms

You probably haven’t ever stopped to think about it, but the lettuce that we all use so often can be produced in an easier and much more environmentally-friendly manner, as well as being even tastier. Lettuce produced by Magnolia Produce is lettuce with the root ball still attached: a 100% natural product, fresh from the grower.


La Migliore Bakery

La Migliore supplies breads to restaurants and coffeehouses throughout San Luis Obispo County. We bake and deliver six days a week, and we pride ourselves on a good quality product. Everything is hand-crafted, with no additives or preservatives.

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Speedy Berries